The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 314

Sometimes I have to admit that Korean variety programming is a little bit different, but generally entertaining especially if it gives our fave artists more public exposure. It also adds to the many ways our beloved biases give back to fans. Yes, appearing on a variety program is another form of fan service, in my opinion. When G.O and Lee Joon joined the panel of celebs willing to have their dental health tested on KBS World TV’s 비타민 [Vitamin], my first thought was…okay, this is kind of weird but, it turned out to be surprisingly informative. The big bonus (of course) was watching a show that exposes more of G.O’s amenable, polite, cute and adorable personality. That’s going to be a ratings win right there for me.

It’s kind of ingenious of a television network when you think about it, from a marketing perspective, to sell health and wellness by using celebrities to assist. I suppose using a celeb to sell anything is just good marketing strategy! I was actually captivated watching this program because it had a wealth of information regarding dental health, information I was not even aware of.

비타민 [Vitamin], a health information program, was originally a seemingly serious kind of program that over time loosened up its more rigid format for something a bit more fun. Nevertheless, topics still provided information delivered by professionals in the health, medical and wellness fields. Such was the case in Episode 490 which aired back on 21 July 2013. It was all about the dental health and wellness of the celebrity panel on that day. My fave part of this particular broadcast was the recurring segment of the danger table…lol. After a pretty rigorous dental screening by two astute dentists, the celeb panel of four (which included the delightful G.O) discovered where on the danger chart they placed and whether they were at serious dental health risk. A green card meant good (of course); yellow meant take caution; and red meant: you in danger, baby!!

ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

Having the benefit of my bias help educate us by being a willing participant (patient) in allowing his dental health revealed publicly made it even more interesting. The whole wisdom tooth discussion is particularly entertaining (because G.O is ridiculously adorable) while also being extremely informative. Watch the clip and you will see what I mean.

I was really pulling for G.O to be the only one at the table to receive a green card and was actually surprised he was in the danger zone.

Because really, G.O’s smile improves my health in every way imaginable.~😁

[Video cr. KBS World TV]

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