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For some time now I have been wondering what I should do with my surplus copies of MBLAQ’s 8th mini album Mirror. I have already given quite a few away, and I even donated a bunch (in G.O’s name) to a non-profit organization here in the US that teaches music to underprivileged children. Still, I have quite a few copies left. So an idea came to me today. I am not sure how well it work, but it is the holidays so I thought I would propose an event and see how it goes.


Every day, my blog calculates the number of visits and views it gets. It is very interesting to me because within those calculations it even tells me where in the world the views originate. I am always amazed at who is stopping by the blog and true, all of the views are not specifically for those particular posts exclusive to G.O or MBLAQ. In the early days of my blog, I wrote about Rain, TVXQ and occasionally, dramas. The event, however, will be MBLAQ-specific since well….the prize will be a copy of the Mirror CD.

Beginning 8 December, the first 1 view on my list of country views will receive one copy of MBLAQ’s Mirror CD. I am assuming 1 view = 1 visitor. Let me explain with a demonstrative….lol. Here is the View List from my blog’s statistics page for 4 December:

As you can see, the first one view on the list for 4 December came from a reader in Brazil. This reader would be the one I would send a copy of Mirror to (if that person wanted a copy). Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t know how well this will work as I have no idea who that reader is and the only way I can find out is if that person contacts me, either here on the blog or via email (mmd517@gmail.com). I will give that person three days to respond. If there is no response, I will move to the next 1 view on the list. In the example above, that would be Taiwan….and so on. On the 8th of each month I will publish the statistic just like you see above, and ask that reader/viewer to contact me.

There are no strings and the recipient need not do anything other than contact me and let me know if he/she would like the copy of Mirror and, if so, whose photo card they would like (have a back up though as I am not sure which card will be in the CD when I open it). I have 37 (yes, 37) copies to share and I have no idea whose card commands the bulk of those copies. The recipient  will also have to provide me with a shipping address so I know where to send it. [Note: These are not autographed copies.]

It is a mystery how this event will play out, but I am going to give it go and see what happens and hopefully will be able to give away all 37 copies. In case you were wondering why I chose the 8th of the month, it is because Mirror is MBLAQ’s 8th mini album. Why will I give the reader/viewer three days to respond? Well, there are three members in MBLAQ. There is always method to my MBLAQ madness.^^

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