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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 281

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I am still reeling a little bit from the Chapstick revival of yesterday so I kind of want to keep that feeling flowing on this G.O One Shot day, Day 281 of his service. Going back go A Lucky Day’s archives, I found some pictures from the Chapstick Party of 15 December 2010 at Konkuk University’s Saechoenyeon Hall. This one shot will defy all rules and become a five shot. You’re welcome.

G.O in a black suit and tie is sophistication overload of the best kind. I happen to believe G.O is a devastatingly handsome guy, every day. But he was looking especially handsome at the Chapstick Party.





How on earth was I to limit myself to just one?!~😘


[Image cr. A Lucky Day]

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