The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 280

The genius that is Korean advertising will never cease to amaze me. I think of all of the revenue that could be generated in the west if advertisers enlisted more artists to help endorse their products. True, there are plenty who do endorse, but not in the way or to the level of their Korean counterparts. A commercial film (CF) using the artists’ music is one thing.  Building a story around the product and then dropping the artists into the CF creating an advertisement in the guise of a short film is a whole new level. Remember the liptasticness that was the MBLAQ Chapstick endorsement?

I think many fans tend to overlook the fact that G.O is a readily capable actor in his own right. And there was something so remarkably sexy about him being cast as the stern dance instructor in the MV/CF mini drama for the Chapstick endorsement.

I die. <ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ>

Before I get too wrapped up in the actor G.O, I want to comment on vocalist G.O and the song MBLAQ recorded for the mini drama’s OST, 사랑해도 참는다 [If Love Goes]. I have said it often here, but there is something so simply refreshing hearing a smile in G.O’s voice when he sings. 사랑해도 참는다 [If Love Goes] showcases his infectious song smile wonderfully in both versions of this upbeat dance pop song. I will say I am a little more partial to Version B in that G.O might just get a little more vocal time in that version which may be my imagination contributable to my overly biased and selective hearing! But his improvs around Mir’s rap in Version B are light, carefree and delicious. I really do love however that in Version A, when G.O sings ‘you’re my girl‘ it appeals to my 16 year old fangirl heart whereas the ‘you’re my lady‘ in Version B sets my soul on fire.

사랑해도 참는다 [If Love Goes] ~ Version A

사랑해도 참는다 [If Love Goes] ~ Version B

So what is the MV/CF mini drama all about? Quick synopsis: Seung Ho, Joon and Spica’s Yang Ji Won, work as live window mannequins of a department store. When the three decide to add some dance moves they break a prop vase and end up fleeing after Joon and Seung Ho dramatically break through the glass of the department store display window. Unknown to them, dance instructor G.O had been admiring their performance before the mishap and chases them down confronting them with a demanding, ‘so you guys wanna dance?’

Things get a little sketchy story-wise for me after this point, but I think I understand the plot overall. I see elements of RockyFlashdance, and Save The Last Dance in the Chapstick CF. It appears Ji Won wants to dance professionally and begins her training under the tutelage of teacher G.O and encouragement of former mannequin co-workers, Seung Ho and Joon.

I would suffer all the pangs of humiliation I would most assuredly experience if only to have one day where G.O was my dance instructor/physical trainer. Can you imagine? Well, the Chapstick MV/CD mini drama gave us all a little taste of what that would be like.

I know I am hopelessly (and helplessly) biased, but I would employ G.O to endorse a myriad of products and would demand a MV/CF mini drama for each. I think any time G.O gets the opportunity to combine singing with acting results in getting to experience the best of both worlds relative to his artistry. Moreover, I would love for him to continue expanding and exploring all the ways in which he can express his art. And yes….part of this desire is based in greed. I always want to hear and see G.O do more. Guilty.^^

One more little gem before I close. Advertisers for the MBLAQ Chapstick campaign also made 20 second CF clips with each of the members individually. I have to believe I speak for many when I say that the survival rate of having G.O apply Chapstick to our lips would be a staggering 0%. Am I right?

[Video cr. ABMSubs2; Best of Asia TV; Hana Manroe]

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