The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 273

I love G.O’s voice, his quick wit, intellect and smile. His quiet humbleness and gracious manner have no match. Tie that all up into his gummy worm-loving playfulness and it truly does make you wish he were your brother, your uncle…or even your boyfriend. Bless the fangirls who captured those moments where our mischievous main vocal so matter-of-factly made the gummy worm an all out fashion statement and super sweet accessory.

It is time for another installment of Playful G.O so why not choose something that draws attention to his gorgeously shaped lips while bringing a smile to our own?

I often wonder if, at one point, G.O’s kitchen cabinets were overflowing with bags of gummy worms gifted in multitude to him after he let the first sticky sweet confection dangle from his equally sweet lips. Regardless of whether it was a snack to quash a sweet tooth or sugary pick-me-up during a long fan sign, I have to believe G.O was well aware that a little act of playfulness on his part provided a photo opportunity his fans would treasure forever.

Notoriously considered MBLAQ’s king of fan service, it is easy to see why!~^^


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