The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 261

I had to check the news archives for Sunday, 28 August 2011, because I was convinced there was some kind of seismic event or change in the atmosphere with the level of sexy that was exploding from the Guro Gyeonnggi Public Broadcast stage that day. I am usually not at a loss for words when I write about G.O, but for this lovely Friday . . . two days before G.O’s 30th birthday, and the 261st day of his service, I will simply let him mesmerize us with movement captured and edited with sweet precision by letsgoinho.

Most days, it is G.O’s voice I long to hear and I do listen to it daily. But I admit that sometimes I just want to drink in his beautiful. And, be ravaged by his sensuality.

You got up and danced along with him, didn’t you??!!!

There are times when I think that some of the clothing MBLAQ wore during performances could be deemed somewhat over the top and a bit flamboyant. But this cheetah print with lace jacket over a black t-shirt and cargo pants was kind of working for me. Then again, it really is not the clothes so much that make the man, but the man, this man, that makes the clothes.

Here is a little more from Gyeonnggi.


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