The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 254

I am feeling nostalgic for an era I was not a part of. I have been thinking quite a bit of MBLAQ’s debut and how exciting it must have been for all. Maybe with the passing of another anniversary this month and having been in Seoul at that time, I am just feeling emotional. I think of the fans who were supporting G.O when he was with Tykeys and how they continued support through his transition to MBLAQ and I am grateful. For today, which is a fan-camming day, I am returning to A Lucky Day (again), and her sweet compilation of G.O-focused cams during some early performances of Oh Yeah.

A Lucky Day captured some amazing moments of the newly debuted group in 2009, and seems to have had a special affection for our main vocal man. Through her lens, we experience a combination of so many aspects of what makes G.O intensely attractive. True, he was one piece of MBLAQ that, like the others, gave the group cohesion and balance. Whether your preference of him was with or without the goatee, A Lucky Day’s focused attention on G.O captured an individuality that was nevertheless intensely captivating and alluring. G.O was (and continues to be) unpretentiously sensual and simply magnetic.

Through her lens we see moments of confidence and command of the stage as well as tenderness and vulnerability. A Lucky Day always seemed to find the right angle and moment to capture so many of G.O’s moods and emotions before, during and after a performance.

And he . . . always aware of her doing so.


[Image & video cr. A Lucky Day]


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