The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 249

I understand it, I really do. I get that when a new group bursts on to the Korean popular music scene that there is a formula in place wherein each member of said group has a role. And those roles are generally assigned accordingly to the strength of each member as to what they will bring to the group. I get it. But I have to say with all honesty that in the spring of 2010, Lee Joon’s role of visual in MBLAQ was duly tested following the Y comeback and that G.O easily challenged that role. Yes, I’d say G.O’s role changed with that comeback from main vocal to main vocal and visual, visual….VISUAL!

Ok, let me be fair. All members of MBLAQ (past and present) have strong visuals. All are handsome and all complement the other in the visual department. However, it is true that my bias towards G.O will always make me question why HE was not given visual status from the get go…lol! When you see G.O side-by-side Lee Joon in Episode 59 of the Korean variety show 세상을 바꾸는 퀴즈 [Quiz That Changed The World], you are going to have to concede that G.O was as visually appealing as group named visual, Lee Joon.

Furthermore, G.O’s playful nature and graciousness will always be on point. In addition, he is always going to keep that main vocal role intact, even when called upon to sing a little trot music.

G.O will always be the visual winner in my book, this is truth. But I will give in to the fact that during this 3 July 2010 episode of 세상을 바꾸는 퀴즈 [Quiz That Changed The World], he and Joon certainly walked away with two very well-deserved precious dork awards for their playful rendition of trot classic 무조건 [Unconditionally].

~ 😜 😜 😜~

I do love G.O’s fine, talented, charming and visual self!!


[Video cr. abmshows5]

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