The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 243

Inasmuch as writing about G.O has become a necessary habit, I did not anticipate the well of emotion that I would experience while doing so while being in Seoul. I tried very hard to have as many posts ready to publish prior to my arrival, but I have to be honest, I am kind of happy I get to write while here in Seoul. While it is not adding any new dimension to how I write (or what I write for that matter), I do feel different while doing so. It is 17 October 2016, my 13th day in Seoul, and G.O’s 243rd day of service. No, I have not seen him but just being in the same city (and time zone) makes me pretty happy! Today, I honor composer G.O by ruminating on the heartbreaking 기도 [Prayer] from Love Beat.

To turn your steps away so you won’t think of me again,
so you can go somewhere else where our memories aren’t there
I’ll pray that a person who loves you will appear
so all of the memories that made your heart hurt will get erased . . .

The poetry of 기도 [Prayer] is heart-felt, touching and quite sad. Sometimes the heartache G.O writes about really saddens me. Because I feel he writes (and lives) from such an honest place, I have to believe that what he writes about has a direct connect to an actual experience. I could be delusional and he is just an intelligent and artistically creative writer. Somehow though, I believe he writes from experience.

Judiciously and with meticulous precision, G.O structured 기도 [Prayer] like a prayer, giving each voice a moment to have a say, a lament, a plea…..a wish.

On the surface, this composition may seem relatively simple in its structure but I really feel that even though G.O’s music comes from a very emotional place, he also understands the science in music and therefore knows how to make all of the moving parts of a song fall into place harmoniously. This song requires some hefty vocal discipline from each of the guys. So much of the melody in this song relies on voice. Moreover, Mir’s rap in 기도 [Prayer] is perhaps one of the more challenging ones, yet he rose to the occasion, and this is what makes Seung Ho, G.O and Mir a powerful writing and perfectly balanced composing team, they inspire each other to reach further, I believe. And how about G.O’s improvs around Mir’s rap? Perhaps some of my favorites ever in a MBLAQ song.

As G.O continues his very quiet service, I can only hope and pray that in his free time, he is composing, composing, and composing!! Even if he thinks I exaggerate when I describe his abilities as a writer and composer, I will never stop reminding him, nor will I cease sharing his amazing talent and gift.

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