The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 217

Imagine your bias gets his first solid, non-cameo role in a hyped-up drama with a pretty impressive cast. Then, imagine the network airing the drama decides to hold an event where your bias, along with two of his co-stars show up to promote that drama the same day it is set to premier. This is exactly what happened on 30 May 2012 when SBS brought G.O, Im Ji Kyun and Song Ha Yoon together to have a watch event with fans for the premier of the Korean drama 유령 [Ghost].

It is impossible to measure with existing technology today the amount of handsome, charm and charisma that presented itself that day in May. G.O is all of that every day, to be sure, but there was just something about this 유령 [Ghost] event. He was gracious, sweet, dreamy and oh-so melty. Playful, too! For example, take this moment captured backstage with co-stars Im Ji Kyun and Song Ha Yoon getting iPad logistics in sync to prepare a recorded message:


They managed to figure it out and get a message recorded.

I believe G.O said something about dolling out kisses should the ratings for the drama reach a certain percentage.


Does my bias towards him cloud my judgment or does G.O have an innate ability to create rapport with just about (if not ALL) he comes in contact with?? In this case, co-stars in a drama and then of course with the MC and fans at the Ghost event. Really, it goes beyond that. I think this is a built in feature of G.O’s character that is something that cannot be learned and just is.

You either have it or you don’t. G.O has it and I think it stems from something very simple: he is grateful. I don’t know. When he walked into the venue for this event on 30 May 2012, for example, he gave no less than six bows to the audience as he entered.


Talented, handsome, humble, and gracious. This is G.O all day, every day.

Apart from an actual fan meeting or fan sign, this is the kind of event I would have loved to have attended. To celebrate G.O’s drama debut. True, he had a small cameo role in one episode of Salamander Guru and The Shadows. 유령 [Ghost] gave G.O the opportunity to exercise some serious acting chops and had MBLAQ not been on the eve of their Blaq% Asia Tour, I have to believe writer-nim, producer-nim and director-nim all would have expanded Detective Lee Tae Kyun’s role exponentially.

The highlight of this event (for me) had to be when a group of A+ took the stage with G.O to collectively dance a segment of 전쟁이야 [This Is War].

I mean seriously . . . can he be any more adorable?! And the A+ on the left (his immediate right) nailed every move. I think she even shocked him! These are the kinds of moments that endear G.O to his fans over and over. I know that as he continues to mature as an artist, the fan dynamic may change. But what I believe will remain forever constant is G.O’s absolute love and appreciation for his fans.

More of the sweet and gorgeous from the 유령 [Ghost] event . . .


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