The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 201

Special guesting is not all about lending a voice, at least for purposes of this Countdown series. Special guesting as an actor in a music video (without a single note sung or dialogue spoken) proves to be just as thrilling, especially when the actor is G.O. I admit seeing G.O in an acting capacity coupled with music (as in musical theater) is the ultimate. However, seeing him as the cad in Ailee’s 보여줄게 [I Will Show You] MV is devilishly delightful.

We who live in the land of outcasts and dorky nerds know how challenging it can be to crush on the most popular and beautiful guy in the world. To fantasize about being his girl. To simply grab his attention. Yeah….I have been there. >< I love reading the comments posted on Ailee’s MV, 보여줄게 [I Will Show You], most of which cheer Ailee on for showing him how bombastic hot she is after he has dissed her. Then there are those who rage over the ending. Wait….she is WITH HIM after all??! LOL….

I can overlook all of that and just enjoy the MV for the pure entertainment value and….for the special guest actor, G.O! Yes, Ailee chose well when she chose G.O to be the leading man of her MV. I have repeatedly said that G.O possesses a presence that translates well (very well) on film. 보여줄게 [I Will Show You] was released in October 2012. If you recall, G.O was giving the Immortal Song 2 stage some love at that time and, in fact, had just won his second trophy singing a haunting version of Yoo Shi Nae’s 사랑 의시 [Love’s Poetry]. Timing of this MV was perfect. Ailee with a catchy song empowering women starring a dashingly handsome leading man who she gets to push around (hehehe) in her MV, and G.O wooing audiences with his tender voice on IMS2.

G.O, not uttering a single note or word effortless conveys his bad boy swag in the MV.

His ever expressive and penetrating gaze. How could anyone resist while being simultaneously intimidated!!! Of course, his swag game changes after the demure and mousy Ailee turns into the confident and sexy Ailee.

And bad boy turns into smitten, lovestruck boy.

It is kind of ambiguous as to whether his change of heart is strong enough to woo her, although on the surface (and much to many commentators’ dismay), it appears that he does win her.

However, Ailee’s cheeky smile at the end while in G.O’s embrace could be interpreted in one of two ways: 1. YES! I won his heart; or 2. Now I will have my revenge.

Either way, it produced one of the swooniest and dreamiest moments of G.O captured on film.


[Video cr. 1theK]


  1. pickledjujube says:

    WOW! I really enjoyed this post. Thank you for reminding me of this song! I loved the song when it was first released, and I loved GOs role in the MV – I hope I can see him more in dramaland once he’s discharged. I’m also realy impressed by your commitment to posting dedicated pieces everyday! Go GIRL! Fighting!

    PS – PS – I’ve just started out blogging, please do check out my site🙂

    Best wishes,

    • Michele says:

      JJ….omo, this message made my day!!!! Thank you for stopping by and welcome to the blogosphere!!

      I think G.O is a solid actor and REALLY hope he considers more drama work after discharge as well. Actually, whatever he decides will be fine by me.^^

      He looked so killer gorgeous in this MV…..♡ And I love the song as well. I would love to see a G.O/Ailee vocal collab some day.

      Thanks also for the encouragement!! It is a labor of love indeed but he is worth every effort!!

      Will happily check out and follow your blogging adventures!!! I hope you enjoy your blogging experience. I think it’s a blast!!!!

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