The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 164

Every composer needs a place where he can quietly go to create. Somewhere that is both a place of inspiration and a sanctuary. On 20 July 2016 we learned that G.O created such a space, his own recording studio.

For those who were worried about the posting of these pictures while G.O is still serving his mandatory military service, let’s keep a couple things in mind. First, he did not post anything. The pictures of his newly created recording studio were not posted on his Twitter or his Instagram. The pictures were shared by the company that helped set up the studio, Good Music. If you check out their site, they systematically post pictures of all of the recording studios they set up. It’s routine and it’s called advertisement!^^

Finally, and most importantly, just because G.O has created a space to create does not automatically mean he is recording and promoting as an artist while serving out his MS. True, music has been (and I pray continues to be) a huge part of his life, but he knows the rules regarding his service, and I would think that during his down time he would be allowed to pursue hobbies and interests so long as they were not in direct conflict of that service. Furthermore, if G.O felt the posting of the pictures would be violating his service in any way, he most likely would have requested they not be posted!


When I saw the pictures of G.O’s newly created and beautiful studio along with HIM in it, I was elated. I mean bouncing off the walls happy for him. I think he has been reading my thoughts because I have intimated to friends a few times that it would be great if he had his own studio all up and running upon his discharge from the military so that he could have a sanctuary of his very own to compose, write and record music. And voilà!!

You must agree that he looks healthy, content, rested and so very much at ease. Yes, this is his time to serve but it also a time for him to nurture his creative spirit. He is balancing both wonderfully it seems, and it shows.


[Image cr. 조은뮤직]


  1. Nan says:

    So happy he has such a great new space! Maybe he will share it more with us in the future, for we do not know what great projects could be born there over time!

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