The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 163

I’m begging you, I’m begging you (U U) so I can get over you
I’m telling you, I’m telling you, let go of me now
Why are you so tough until the end?
Why are you making me go crazy?
I’m begging you (U U) so I can get over you
I’m telling you, I’m telling you.
Let go of me now, BYE U

Oh my…I have not listened to Outsider’s Bye U in such a long time and it was exactly what I needed on this 163rd day of G.O’s service to brighten my spirits. Inasmuch as G.O has this wonderful collaborative style when working exclusively with a rapper, I would have never expected a speed rapper would have necessarily been a good fit. As time goes on, however, G.O confirms to me over and over how much of a music chameleon he truly is, and how he can adapt to any genre of music as well as a particular style within that genre.

Having completed his mandatory military service in September 2012, speed rapper, Outsider had intended to stage a comeback with a full studio album in 2014. Record label issues and subsequent lawsuits prevented him from doing so. Instead he came back with a mini album, Rebirth Outsider, which was released in July 2013 and featured our amazing lead vocal on the single released from the album, Bye U.

This was Outsider’s first album in three years, but what I find impressive was that Bye U was his very first idol collaboration! Sometimes I wonder if G.O realizes how many precedents he has set in the business!!! Seriously!

On July 31, 2013, Outsider had a come back stage performing Bye U on MBC’s Show Champion. G.O set the stage with his playful introduction.

So. Cute.

G.O’s work on Bye U wasn’t just a walk into the recording studio, sing a few lines and go home kind of collaboration. He actually helped with writing the lyrics in addition to lending his stellar vocals. Those vocals…..effervescent and crystal clear, G.O’s lithe falsetto is upbeat yet playfully plaintive given the fact that that he is essentially pleading with his ex to just let him go already! Bye U is a break up song wrapped in a high octane dance track.

I love the song but have to admit I was a bit disappointed that G.O was not in the video, nor did he take the stage with Outsider when he made the rounds performing Bye U. Perhaps there were schedule conflicts that prevented him from joining Outsider for the live performances in late July/early August 2013. MBLAQ had a series of summer festival appearances throughout the end of July and then headed to Mexico shortly thereafter.

At least we have yet another heavenly collaboration to add to our playlists and G.O another fine collaboration to add to his ever-growing resumé. I am looking forward to seeing that list of collaborations grow once he has completed his service, he still has quite a few genres to explore.


[Video cr. Sony Music Korea; yjepb Pak]

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