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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 100


Day 100!! Beautiful G.O has completed 100 days of his military service. Now, that wasn’t so bad. Those first 100 days actually went by rather quickly, right? Right?! Ok, so yes, the days seem to be moving right along and at a somewhat decent pace. Maybe? That pace still does not lessen the ache of missing him. Of having the excitable feeling of seeing an announcement that he will have an event, an appearance, a show, musical, movie or song. Right now, all we have is the promise of his imminent discharge. For Day 100 then, no fanfare needed as I will choose to honor his desire for a quiet service and simply share a moment of him covering Eric Benét’s Still With You.

Close your eyes, go to sleep
Know my love is all around you
Dream in peace, when you wake
You will know I’m still with you . . .

I suppose if I was able to send G.O a message on this 100th day of his service, I wouldn’t mind stealing those lyrics from Eric to do so. So perfect. I have only been able to find G.O covering Still With You in an episode of Sesame Player, and it was not the entire song. <boohoo> But, what was captured by the maknae on someone’s phone was a blurry yet beautiful minute, fifty seconds of the song.

So.very.dreamy. G.O’s love affair with the music of Eric Benét is a facet about him that I will always love and appreciate. With the wealth of mentors he has perhaps chosen over the course of his career, Benét’s work seems to have resonated with him deeply, and very much so in the early part of his career. G.O covered many of Benét’s songs during his Tykeys days and brought a few with him once he became MBLAQ’s exquisite main vocal.

I would love to  hear G.O cover all of Benét’s song now. Oh my…can you imagine? I wonder if he has grown out of those songs or maybe has just filed them under ‘the past’ and that is why has he has not revisited them. Or perhaps he simply wishes to explore others such as John Legend’s All Of Me and the Eagles’ Desperado (which song he has covered in the past but revived for the I.Callist show this past February).

Or maybe it is much simpler. Maybe G.O has finally settled into himself as a writer and composer and as such, wants to sing his own music. Regardless of what he chooses to sing, I sincerely hope after these next 631 days pass, G.O simply chooses to sing.


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7 thoughts on “The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 100

  1. Why do I feel such a long time in the past 100 days..
    I hope that the next 631 days will arrive soon ♥

    • Janus….it is long but it has gone by rather quickly! Probably because I am under a tight schedule to post something every day, so the days seem to sneak up on me really fast!! >< For me, these first 100 days have flown by. Trust me, his time in the service will be over before we all know it and we shall have him back!~^^

  2. Day 100!!!! I can’t believe it… We will be patience!

    • If there is one thing that is certain and constant, it is the march of time, right? 100 days have flown by (for me at least). I wonder how it is moving along for him? 🙂 I hope he is savoring this time away from idol/agency mayhem and that he is having the opportunity to connect with friends and family; make new friends and acquaintances as well nurture his own spirit (heal). My hope for him during this time is that he not dwell on the past or worry about the future and just be in the moment. Oh…and I hope he continues to give us a few profile picture updates along the way!!^^

      • I agree. I want him to focus on his current situation. This is his life now. Re: profile picture. I just can’t believe how sneaky and playful he is towards us! This man is really… Too cute! I really hope we get to see more of him; and I can’t wait to see him in action!

  3. I have loved the songs he covers of Eric Benet. I prefer them to Eric’s versions actually. The first time I heard this clip, it made cry… and I’m still not immune to it so very many times later.
    100 days down… out of sight perhaps, but he is still very much on our minds!

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