The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 99

It is true that my bias towards G.O will always have me believing and subsequently declaring that he is the sweetest, most talented, indeed most handsome and yes, sexiest artist I have ever had the pleasure of supporting, adoring, and some may say, obsessing over. With this series, I have tried to balance the offerings with some cute, some intensity, some incredible music and of course some sexy. For Day 99, I offer some bad because it is so very, very good. ^.~

You may choose to argue this point, but I will go on record stating that of the collective members of MBLAQ (past and present), it is G.O who I sincerely feel is the true triple threat of the group. What is a triple threat? In show biz, a triple threat is known as an artist who is equally adept as a singer, dancer and actor. G.O has proven his strength and capabilities in all three. Add composer, writer and arranger and it ups his artistic credibility even further.

The man is also very intelligent and a quick study who has great respect for the mentors who have helped guide him throughout his career. Rain being one of them. Inasmuch as G.O is very much an individualist in way of his art, not prone to mimicry and certainly innovative, especially as a vocalist, I have to say he threw down some pretty impressive (and steamy sexy) 나쁜 남자 moves during a July 2010 live performance in Seoul.

There is not much I can say after that except…!!~^^

It is apparent that my blog has become less about adventure and more about MBLAQ’s charming main vocal. I admit this is true. However, as I continue to take this journey of discovering more about him, I have come to realize that my passion is G.O, and as such is becoming the greatest adventure of my life.


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