The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 91

Out of G.O’s collaborations outside of his work within the two groups he has been (and is) a member, one of my favorites is his guest appearance on’s single, 끝을 말할순없어도 [Even If We Can’t Speak Of The End]. This gentle ballad gave the charming G.O a break from his main vocal duties with MBLAQ to once again showcase his tender honeyed voice in a duet atmosphere.

I recently spent some time with an old friend who I had not seen in four years. We had much to catch up and part of the catch up included me telling her about my various adventures these past four years and of course, G.O. I initiated her fully to the world of G.O, and she was immediately awed.

I let her listen to everything from Tykeys to his solo work and duets. To some early MBLAQ, all the way up to Mirror. Of the ballads, which included this beautiful piece with, my friend said of G.O’s voice: “He has such a warm and soothing voice.” I also could not help to mention over and over to her that apart from his obvious talent, G.O is also a humble and respectful man who truly loves music and that this is something you will always feel when you watch and listen to him perform.

Always prepared and ready to give his best, I really enjoy these behind the scenes moments while recording with I also appreciate a female vocalist who recognizes pure talent!

Even better than the studio version, in my opinion, is the April 2010 Mnet A-Live performance. I am always overrun by feels when I watch and listen to G.O sing live. Watching him put emotion visually into a song, in addition to hearing it, compounds that emotion. Every single time.

Even though hours have passed since I shared those moments of G.O’s voice with her, my friend’s words continue to echo in my heart and in my ears……warm and soothing voice, warm and soothing voice… 

Honestly, I don’ think I could have described G.O’s voice….or him, for that matter, any better.


[Video cr. allylovesjin; MBLAQ Attack !]


  1. JANUSQQ says:

    Hi Michele, your friend is a lucky friend because of you ^^
    I am also deeply infatuated with G.O ahhhh ♡♡♡

    • Michele says:

      Janus…I am always prepared to tell any and everyone about him!^^ The first thing she asked me was…where can I find all of this music? Can I get it here? I told her I would take care of that no problem. I will always share his music, his talent…HIM, with all who will pause to listen (and indulge me)!!!

  2. Nan says:

    I had not heard it before, it is especially beautiful… even for G.O. 😉
    One good thing about his M.S…. is that it gives us a chance to discover/rediscover some “gems” of the past we might have missed.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful gems with us. <3

    • Michele says:

      Yes, he recorded it with shortly after debut and the A-Live program aired in April 2010 which was six months after MBLAQ’s debut. G.O’s voice is forever a gift of absolute beauty!^^

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