The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 79

There are moments when I really begin to think about everything G.O has been through in his career. He really has crammed a lot of experience in a short amount of years, when you think of it. During his time with MBLAQ from debut to the present, he (either solo or with the group) has had the opportunity to endorse many a product. But what I did not realize until very recent is that he endorsed (and/or modeled) for the Mito Shop clothing line when he was with Tykeys.

My bias towards G.O has me duly confirmed in my belief that he is the most handsome man walking the earth so it goes without saying that I believe he could be a spokes-model for any given designer anywhere worldwide during any one of the many eras he has been through. Even as a young and hopeful artist with Tykeys nearly ten years ago, he oozed an easy charisma and charm as he languidly posed endorsing Mito.

Nothing fancy. Very casual and relaxed. The era is inconsequential, right? One constant remains simple and true: clothes are always going to wear G.O very well.


[Image cr. MitoShop]

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