The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 77

Just think…in 23 days (less than a month), G.O will have completed 100 days of his military service! For Day 77, I offer a picture from the wonderful 지오그라피 [goxgraphy].

G.O One Shot ~ Picture

All of goxgraphy’s pictures from the August 30, 2015 Daejeon Concert are artistic and stunning. This one, however, is one of my favorites. Captures of G.O mid-song with his hand on his chest are becoming more and more iconic for me because ever since his Tykeys days (and I would assume even earlier), this has become a signature move. I have often thought that when G.O places his hand on his chest near to or directly over his heart, it is because at that moment in the song he himself is feeling the overwhelming rush of emotion that begins to build. Or, perhaps a pang of memory the lyrics invoke. I love the way music courses through him, even to the point where he himself has to temper its flow with such a simple and tender gesture.


[Image cr. 지오그라피]

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