The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 76

When I committed myself to a post a day for each day G.O completes his military service, I knew it would require effort, discipline and stamina. I am discovering that no matter how demanding this project may become over the course of the many days ahead, the more I learn about G.O, the more determined I am to tell the world about his unmistakable and amazing talent. This series has allowed me to look deeper at that talent, especially when I get to write about his time on the Immortal Song 2 stage. His September 3, 2011 performance on Ballad v. Dance night completely derailed me.

I know I have written in the past about G.O’s ability to lose himself deeply in a song and how that surrender creates an incredibly moving and memorable performance. His rendition of Byun Jin Seop’s 너에게로 또다시 [Back To You Again] is one of those moments. Again, I cannot help but believe that this is yet another ballad that holds special and deep meaning for G.O, that he understands and perhaps has even lived the story in the song.

The theme of the song carries much of the same meaning in many of the songs that seem to resonate with him. That theme being, the loner who is either not worthy of love, has failed in love, refuses to commit to love, yet knows in the deepest most visceral recesses of his heart, that it is really only love that can save him. In fact, there is a line in this song that when I listen to G.O sing, I just break down. We all have had those moments when we either read something or hear a song lyric that just speaks its meaning to our own heart.

내 마음을 닫아 둔 채로
[With my heart closed off]
헤매이다흘러간 시간
[I’ve been just letting time pass wandering around.]

Oh my yes…..these lines spoke to me.

The beauty of this song lies in the fact that even if our hero has messed up, hurt his beloved with harsh words, departed and wandered aimlessly trying to forget his love…..he unable to stay away. And whether it was pride or shame that made it difficult for him to return, when he does (and he does return), he knows it is forever:

이제 나는 알았어
[Now I know until the day I die]
내가 죽는날까지 널 떠날 수 없다는 걸
[I won’t be able to leave you.]

When I think I have heard G.O sing the ultimate ballad, another one presents itself. The way in which he surrenders himself to a song is something I will never grow weary watching nor will I ever tire of mentioning it. At the end of his performance of  너에게로 또다시 [Back To You Again] you can see the moment he returns from the journey as he gently opens his eyes before thanking the crowd.

It is quite remarkable, isn’t it? You can actually feel that moment when this incredible song releases him. G.O’s love affair with music is perhaps one of the greatest love stories I am having the privilege of witnessing.


[Video cr. KBSKpop]



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