The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 69

By 2011 and well into their second full year as a group, MBLAQ was indelibly embraced (and rightfully so) by Japan; their JA+ fandom strong and growing. They were gaining so much popularity and love in Japan that Odina Magazine featured them not once, not twice, but three times in 2011. One year, three cover stories. Too much……wait, no, there can never ever be too much G.O!!

Volume 5, the April 2011 issue poured a demure and romantic G.O all over us. This man is a work of art. The softness oozing from this photo is overwhelming. His tender gaze and gently pursed lips….simply exquisite.

The camera loves this man… much.

Volume 6, the August 2011 issue gave us a smoldering G.O. His soft yet intense and penetrating gaze ever disarming. I have always found G.O’s eyes to be so very expressive. They have a language of their own and always remain equally seductive and mysterious.

Even with his gaze diverted from the camera’s lens, G.O still manages to create an allure that pulls at our curiosity. What is he thinking of? Who is thinking of? His mysteriousness only heightens his charm.

Quiet and pensive, the sepia tones of these photos only add to his warmth. The embers of G.O’s heart and soul ooze from him with a rich glow. It is impossible to not be drawn into his warmth and light.

The hint of mischief in his eyes. I can almost hear him saying, “check out this wicked awesome skull head cane,” or “welcome to my kingdom goddesses….where I am on bended knee to make your every wish my command.”

Ok….so yeah, I have a dramatic imagination…but he truly has shaken my foundation. I think these photos and their composition are exquisite and confess that G.O is a muse who pushes my sensibilities at times towards the dramatic which may border on the whimsical when indeed there is nothing whimsical about these photographs. They are G.O: simmering, sensual and seductive.

Four months later, the incredible music boys in absolute quality were back in the pages of Odina [December 2011 issue]. My gorgeous bias once again throwing deep gazes into the camera’s lens.

Or pensively into the distance. Forever a vision in black and chrome.

Stillness in motion.

With his maknaes.

And finally . . . the smile.

Honestly, I do not need to contemplate heaven while I am here on earth. No. I must say that I am experiencing it each moment I devote my time, emotion and effort supporting this charming and talented man.


[Image cr. as tagged/Video cr. abmsubs; Prang Park]

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