The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 48

When news of G.O’s Army enlistment hit media outlets on February 15, 2016 announcing that he would be entering training camp three short days thereafter, there was a collective gasp of shock heard across the fangirl stratosphere followed by much wailing and tears that our beloved main vocal would be out of sight (but never out of mind) for a good full two years. Little did we know that our tears were for naught.

As part of his public service, G.O was recruited to take part in a safe driving/safe traffic campaign for Seocho-gu in partnership with the Korea Police Department. According to Mayor Cho Eun Hee (pictured above with the devastatingly handsome G.O), Seocho-gu “is one of the most environmentally friendly and culturally vibrant cities in Seoul . . . is a self-governing community, which serves as a center of culture, art, education and law, and a hub of transportation.” Seocho-gu is also home to the Seoul Arts Center.

Seems like working his public service for Seocho-gu city government is a perfect fit for G.O, don’t you think? He is quite familiar with the area and specifically, the Seoul Arts Center. The Seoul Arts Center is home to the CJ Towol Theater; the theater G.O brought Prince Ho Dong to life in 바람의나라 [The Kingdom of the Winds] back in May 2014. So very serendipitous!!

Although G.O is not seen singing or dancing in the PSA for the campaign (which is adorable), or directing children in traffic situations like UFC fighter Jung Chan Sung (also serving his military duty in public service), I think I hear a little bit of his voice in the theme song. Maybe? Possibly? Or, is that wishful thinking on my part because indeed I hear his voice in everything from the wind to the beat of my own heart. I know…I am a ridiculous fangirl!~^^

Sa-rang-hae-yo, sa-rang-hae-yo….! Can it be? Is that his voice in the love chant?!

I am very pleased that Mayor Cho Eun Hee recognizes that integrating the arts into what could otherwise be deemed mundane subject matter (traffic control and safety) is engaging and entertaining. Furthermore, employing the artistic, talented and always visually appealing G.O to help raise awareness while allowing him to fulfill (and hopefully enjoy) his service endears her to fans like me, and gives me hope that she and her team have more projects up their sleeves that will allow us to see more of G.O throughout his service.


[Image cr. Seocho-gu City; Video cr. 서초구청 (Seochogu Office)]


  1. Nan says:

    While on the one hand I’m relieved to know he’s somewhere that his special talents may very well be put to good use, I have to say I find myself strangely emotional due to the photos from this post.
    I think it’s hit me… how much I miss him.
    (Sorry I have to go find some tissues… the little heart thing got me right in the Feelz *sigh* )

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