My Special Anniversary ~ April 5, 2014

I almost let it slip by without commemorating it. Almost . . .

Two years ago this very evening in Seoul, I met G.O for the first time. Even though I missed his performance in Seopyeonje that evening, I still had the honor and pleasure of experiencing his incredible warmth and graciousness. To say that night change my life forever is an understatement.

Yes, my pictures from those evenings following his Seopyeonje performances are a blurred hot mess…but they are treasures to me nonetheless.~^^

I take this moment to remember that night…but more importantly to honor the amazing and wonderful artist, musician, actor….man, G.O.

Happy Anniversary to me!!




  1. Nan says:

    Happy Anniversary Michele… and your “main man” G.O.!
    May you enjoy many more “reunions” and “anniversaries” with him!

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