The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 16

Where G.O’s Stay era style was a bit more soft and demure, his Sexy Beat style pulsed with edgy sensuality. It’s Friday and the 16th day of his enlistment, which is not necessarily a milestone to commemorate. But, that black lace shirt is certainly worth celebrating…as is he.

The black lace ensembles the men of MBLAQ sported during their Sexy Beat promotions should have come with warning labels. And specifically so with G.O. With his partially shaved head, splash of purple hair color combined with a lace shirt that hugged his physique as if someone softly stenciled it onto him, this music boy in absolutely quality was definitely reminding us all that he was indeed a music man simmering in absolute sensuality.

True I adore all of G.O’s styles, every era, any day ~ it is all good. But this style, particularly his hair (which I believe suits him so incredibly well), just ignites all of my fangirl senses.

And yet, in all of the blatant sensuality that oozes from him, there is still that twinge of playful sweetness that comes across when he softly smiles.

I have to wonder if he wrecked a few biases during this era.~^^ Because it is true, the bias-wrecking force is strong with him, very strong!


I don’t think I am exaggerating. *Swoooooooon*

Gaaaaaaaaah….that shirt!!

This man.~♥


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