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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 14


If your bias happens to be a musician first and foremost, getting the opportunity to see him get his romance on in a drama may not always be in the cards. If it does happen however, his swoon cred amplifies a hundred fold.

In 2013, G.O dropped himself into an episode of the KBS show Couples Clinic – Love & War 2 and we got to see the sweet and romantic side of Byung Hee through his character, Joo Won. As there are many swoon-worthy moments throughout the one hour episode, I am going to stretch them out over the course of these posts and share little romantical tidbits along the way.

The sweetest serenade……

….. that resulted in a marriage proposal.

영원히 우리에겐 서글픈 이별은 없어
[We will never have a forlorn farewell]
때로는 슬픔에 눈물도 흘리지만
[While we may cry because of the sorrow]

언제나 너와 함께 새하얀 꿈을 꾸면서
[We will always share our dreams]
하늘이 우리를 갈라 놓을때 까지
[Until the sky keeps us apart]
워우우 워우 워어
[Woh oh, oh woh oh woh oh]
너를 사랑해
[I love you]

Neoreul saranghae. *Sw♥♥n*!!!


Author: Michele

Travel junkie, amateur photographer, veganista, and purveyor of random acts of kindness.

2 thoughts on “The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 14

  1. Can one find this drama/ep on Youtube or somewhere online?
    I have to confess I was watching “Ghost” and I thought this one detective seemed really familiar… LOL


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