The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 6

I am wondering if prior to the broadcast of MBLAQ’s Hello Baby, there were a few A+ out there like myself who never entertained the idea of having children. Then, after a few episodes in saw that immediately flip and be replaced by a severe case of baby fever! Yeah, I feel ya!^^

My Hello Baby  turning point came in Episodes 4 and 5. I was already quite smitten with the charming G.O when I began watching the show, but I was not harboring thoughts of childbearing at all. Then the Buddhist temple visit episode happened and fever struck. Later episodes would essentially turn up the heat, but initially the fever took hold in Episodes 4 and 5 due in part to moments like these:


G.O’s gentle and soft-spoken manner coupled with sweet patience convinced me that he will make a wonderful father some day. Throughout the show he displayed a genuine concern and affection for all three children and possessed the delicate balance of disciplinarian and playful appa. When your time comes, G.O, you are going to rock daddy-hood!!



  1. Nan says:

    I first heard about MBLAQ through Rain of course. And I sort of believed the hype for a couple weeks that Lee Joon should be my favorite because he was the most like Rain people said. Until I watched Hello Baby which quite frankly put Lee Joon way down on my favorite member list.
    Who stole the spotlight? Leader Thunder? Leader Seungho? Nope.
    The one who stole the show & my heart…. G.O.!
    I was knew then, and believe still… that Jung Byung Hee, is the heart of MBLAQ.

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