The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 7

Once you stand in the warm ray of his light,
it becomes a sanctuary you never wish to leave.
However, if you must ~
you long for the moment when you can return and stand in it once again.

I captured this blurred shot prior to the last song of G.O’s set at the I.Callist Idol Vocalist Concert, Play That Song. It is impossible to consider a last song as truly meaning the last song. As we sat lost in the sweet embrace of his voice, we were unaware of what tomorrow would bring. Yet, sometimes the eyes reveal a sadness the heart is unable to speak.

There are 724 more days until he returns.



  1. Nan says:

    Even though the shot is blurred Michele… his eyes are speaking to your camera. As if to say, I see you…
    Jung Byung Hee… we see you too. And I hope you have a clue… to just how much you are loved.
    Jung Byung Hee… you made me… Believe.

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