[event] Merry MBLAQ Christmas Packages: A Little Post-Script


Just thought I would share some of the love and excitement I did receive in response to the Merry MBLAQ Christmas Packages event not included in my previous post ~ so much happy! The excitement was all the solace I needed to know the event was a success!~♥


The Joon-biased recipients/nominators/nominees were my biggest challenge. As I am unabashedly G.O-biased, my collection is a little G.O top heavy (with good reason)! So the Joonie peeps had me scrambling!


Hopefully, they were happy.


Yes, leader-man, indeed your recipients/nominators/nominees also challenged me – and there were many! But, again, hopefully I managed to give them enough of you, even if that meant I had to include a little bit of all of MBLAQ!^^


If you are not familiar with @BEATwithU and her incredible fan art, I suggest you have a look. She creates some remarkable art of which I am very supportive. I was fortunate enough to have a bit of it in my collection to share. The acrylic cell phone charms are among my favorites!




Waaaaaaah….so much MBLAQ!!!♥


Did I have some quirky things in my collection? You bet. A Blaq% mousepad? Well….why not?^^


G.O recipients were going to score. That is all I have to say about that!!! I have been quietly (and diligently) collecting G.O’s solo CD singles. When I find them, I buy them. Since these are promotional copies that were generally given to radio stations and the like, I feel they are rare and special treasures. I only gave one up in this event and I can only hope the recipient realizes (1) how Byung Hee negotiates with my inner G.Oddess to share his goods with others; and (2) how truly special his digital singles are in CD form (again, with physical CDs from South Korea, there is always something special about the packaging).


For some nominators/nominees, I did throw in some extra goodies. The 87-Line under the Christmas tree? Yes, please!


And some simply received A Year With MBLAQ. All the pictures contained in the calendar are from my collection taken at the Omiya show in Japan this past June, or at the July 2015 the fan signs in Myeongdong and Incheon.^^

CWfhoLeU8AAHN8Q (1)

Whatever was in a box or envelope was sent with an intention to share a love that for me has grown larger than I even imagined or anticipated. MBLAQ love, that is!♥

31 Nominees.
20 Nominators.
10 Recipients.


A very Merry MBLAQ Christmas, indeed!~♥

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