[series] 116 Reasons to Love Byung Hee: #5 – Everybody on the Left

Reason 5 – Everybody on the Left


I happen to think left-handed people are otherworldly. There is something unique and mysterious about them and so it comes as no surprise to me that MBLAQ’s resident mischief-maker is left-handed. Call me crazy (and you probably already do), but I find that characteristic oddly attractive and rank it as one of the reasons to love the adorably sweet and delightfully left-handed Byung Hee.


So what is it exactly that sets left-handers apart from the majority and how does that connect to G.O, if at all? There are some fun and interesting facts that make lefties seem pretty unique and I think if you were to ask them, they would tell you they were different in that they navigate life a little left of center and are sometimes challenged living in a right-hand dominant world.

GO Drinking Juice

They would also surmise that since they do live in a right-hand dominant world they are pretty cool for being able to do it and do it with style!


In one of the many interviews our resident lefty G.O has given over the course of his career, he was once asked if he were to compare himself to animal, what would it be? His answer: a cat, as they are slightly fearful.

Cat Gif File for Lefty Post

It is interesting to note that fifty percent of all cats are left-handed (or left-pawed) while only 10-12% of the human population is. Seems G.O might well be in tune with what could possibly be his spirit animal!!^^ Inasmuch as cats tend to be generally aloof, they can be and are often skittish and suspicious. Lefties are right brain dominant. It is a fact that the right side of the brain is more involved in fear response. As such, lefties tend to experience fear more so than their left brain dominant counterparts.

GO and Mir scared

G.O chose a cat as the animal to compare himself with because of its fearfulness. Is that a coincidence or just intuitive?


On the whole, lefties process things faster and are most likely the geniuses in their families. According to research done at St. Lawrence University in New York, there were more left-handed people with IQs over 140 than right-handed people. Considering Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Benjamin Franklin were all lefties, it is hard to deny there may be some high brain function going on with lefties! Hmmm…remember that IQ of 142 G.O was purported to possess?  I wrote about it in a previous post here. This factoid about left-handed peeps does not surprise me as it pertains to G.O. He is rather intelligent.

Left-handers are apparently also natural math wizards. G.O openly announced in an episode of Idol Army, “I have confidence in multiplication tables,” when the guys decide to challenge each others’ math acuity with a multiplication game.  G.O does not hesitate to give the answers quickly and correctly when he faces off with Mir.

Does this make him a natural math wizard? Maybe. But I know I have to pause and think of the answers when it comes to multiplication and he just rattled them off without second thought. Furthermore, he also immediately knew that 47 was not a number present in a multiplication table when Mir incorrectly gave that answer in response to 6×7!! Did you know that? That was news to me!! Maybe he is a math wizard or maybe just a wizard!!!^^


Lefties are generally more artsy, too. Now I am not saying Byung Hee is a Picasso or VanGogh….hehehe, as I believe his artistic sensibilities lie most comfortably in his music. The way he creates it and delivers it is extremely artistic. His music is his art. Like a painting tells a story, so too does he with song. He just doesn’t sing the notes, he paints a lyrical picture with sound and words and frames it with emotion.

Daaaay-um!! A truly remarkable and artistic vocalist indeed. Even the style of clothing he wore in that particular Immortal Song 2 performance was artistically in sync with the type of song he sang. G.O is a consummate artist whose attention to detail goes beyond the notes he sings. True, he may have had a stylist assist, but I think he has a pretty good eye for putting himself together nicely from the jewelry he wears to the shoes on his feet.

Be it formal or casual, this artsy lefty has an eclectic vibe about him that coincides nicely with his artistic persona.

Eclectic with a side of avant-garde and, well, Joon.

GO and Joon Avante Garde

The elegant gold-lining of this jacket makes things pop for this otherwise simple black & white ensemble. But it’s the shoes….those shoes are hot! (So is the goatee!)


How about a simple black sweater with black jeans accessorized with a movie, popcorn, soft drink, Seungho and Doong. Nice.^^


Artistic sensibilities often see lefties becoming painters, singers, musicians, dancers, etc. G.O seems to be following the left-hander rule book quite well.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 5.04.47 PM

Research also reveals that left-handed people are in fact high achievers. This is because their brains are structured to widen their abilities. If you look at G.O’s career overall, you will see that he started pursuing his dream very early, at a very young age. Even with setbacks, he continued to move forward and continues to explore and challenge himself even today. Widened abilities. Yes.

Exceptional vocalist. Check.


Solid actor. Check.


Award-winning musical theatre actor. Check.




In case you were not aware, he recently took home the award for best new (rookie) actor at the 8th Korean Musical Awards for his role as Dong Ho in Seopyeonje.


Creative Composer. Check.



G.O wrote and composed this song from MBLAQ’s latest CDBroken

둘이라서 (Because We Are Two)

Lefties are relatively athletic, too, and have an advantage in sports that involve two opponents such as tennis, fencing and boxing. I cannot say for sure he excels in any of those, but he seems pretty agile.^^

GO Potato hop

However, if rock, paper, scissors were an athletic event, he would probably not fare too well.


Finally, this may just be myth, but I have to include it because I like serendipitous things. I kind of had a feeling G.O had a special place in his heart for Peru and that is perhaps why he was so deeply affected by the cancellation of MBLAQ’s concert that was to take place in Lima last week. Back in 2011, he and Mir took part in MBC’s charity project Koica’s Dream where they traveled to Peru’s Huayawillca village to assist with the installation of toilets and sewer systems for an elementary school.



G.O and Mir even managed to get in a fanmeet and spread a little MBLAQ love.

What on earth has any of that do to with being left-handed? Funny you should ask!!! Like I said, this may be myth but, the Incan Indians, an indian tribe of Peru, believed left-handers were capable of healing and thought they possessed magical abilities. I think if you were to ask any Peruvian A+ if they thought G.O possessed magical abilities, their answer would be a huge resounding..¡sí, muy mágico! Of course, that would most likely have nothing to do with him being left-handed and everything to do with his amazing talent, warm heart, and cute smile!! Still, there may be a few of them who might have some insight to Incan mythology after all and may just connect the dots….starting from the left!!^^

GO pink2

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