TVXQ Tuesday: Share The World and Doushite (Live at the Tokyo Dome)


Once again, we are wowed by pure entertainment wrapped in pure talent coupled with complete handsome overload in this performance. This is the Tohoshinki/DBSK/TVXQ way. And please excuse this overtly shallow fangirl moment but….but they are killing it in those black pants looking all fit, long and lean! In fact, I am really liking the overall style of the suit – elegant with a dash of sparkle. And talk about a tailored fit…wow! Ok, I am going to send the naughty noona to time out now so I can write respectfully about these five wonderful vocalists.

But first….the suits.


I was not exaggerating, right?

I seem to favor live performances because I just happen to think that these young men often times outdo their own studio versions! Perhaps it is because you get to see the emotion as well as hear it. I will forever appreciate Jaejoong’s delivery. That man feels the music to his core. Not that the others don’t – but Jae just seems a little more demonstrative. In this particular performance, I would say Changmin comes in second followed by Junsu. It is generally those three, in my opinion, who let the music course through their respective systems, pumping out pure unadulterated emotion. You simply cannot help but take that emotional ride with them, each and every time. They repeatedly continue to impress me and take my breath away.




Share The World has this upbeat extremely pop-like feel but then grinds and grooves giving the boys a moment to completely attack and Junsu slays it!! It is aggressive and hot! Jae’s sweeping vocals on the chorus are really gorgeous. And those suits (yeah, I can’t let that go). 🙂

Then there is Doushite. Yes, I have posted this song in a single live performance already here, but it is so good, so why not another version? I absolutely love how Jae can go from the big vocals of Share The World to the gentle tones of Doushite. Oh, this is probably one of my favorite Tohoshinki/DBSK/TVXQ songs. They are vocally so perfect. I honestly don’t think any one vocalist or any collective group would be able to sing it as beautifully.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 11.43.34 PM

As always, Yoochun anchors both songs with his honey-ed deep tones while Yunho’s smooth voice balances out the overall sound. I love that Yunho’s range falls so comfortably between each and every one of the other members. And when he pairs off with the higher ranges of Jae, Junsu or Changmin his voice adds such a calm balance and dimension.



Truly there are so few vocal groups out there Asian, Western or otherwise that fall so sweetly into such a perfect harmonic balance as these five very talented men.

[Video credit: TohoDancoFighto]


  1. Hyuk Ahjussi devoted fan says:

    I bought a copy of this concert DVD. This is my favorite of all times *honestly, I love their japanese songs more than their koreans*, I’ve been listening to it A LOT in the past. I need to watch the whole concert again I guess. How about Wasurenaide, the song which was composed by Jaejoong. Did you listen to their MR Removed version? It is 100% live and 110% beautiful. Here’s the link >>

    I can never have enough of this 5 stars.

    • Michele says:

      Ok, now that just floored me to the ground. That Junsu just rips my heart out every time. Gosh, I just adore him!! Collectively they are without question vocally perfect. Five voices that just fit so well together. I have found that I enjoy their Japanese songs more also. When I read through comments on their various videos I am always relieved to read that so many people want to see them back together again. There was just something so powerful about all those five voices together it seems. Just magical. Thank you for this wonderful suggestion. These guys are proof that you do not need instrumental accompaniment to sing. Their voices are the perfect instruments! LOVE!!!! <3

  2. evez says:

    yay!…thanks for sharing this vid again michele.. <3 you know i love Doushite!…this is one of the jap songs they recorded that is truly dear to me!…and seeing them in HD is insanely awesome!…Junsu and Yunho's dancing skill is astounding!…i can no longer say anything with their collective voices!!! coz' they are indescribable!!!..remember?…we can longer question Junsu as the soul machine plus the combined great voices of the rest equals BAM!!…that's how they are and i will keep on loving them!..that's the FACT!!! <3<3<3…

    • Michele says:

      Evez, I can listen to Doushite over and over and over and never tire of it, it is THAT beautiful. Junsu’s voice will forever be engraved into my heart – I just love that man’s talent!!! I am still discovering all of TVXQ and it is such an amazing journey because the talent is off the chart. I have found that there are many fans out there who do hope they will reunite at some point – gosh even if it is for one performance or charity or something!!! They are all so wonderful to listen to and of course…to look at!! But, their talent surely trumps their looks. (However,there ain’t nothing wrong with eyecandy!)

      I hope you have a wonderful holiday!! I am looking forward to all kinds of swoon and squee in 2014! I just hope I can find time to watch more drama!!! As always, thank you for stopping by!!! I will have more from our 5 wonderboys on Tuesday! <3

  3. evez says:

    yeah! same here with me Michele!…i knew that this five wonder boys run in your system as well!…

    it’s tw0 days to go…allow me to greet you “Merry Christmas”…may you have a delightful and meaningful holiday with your family and friends!…

    hope you don’t mind me sharing vids from our beloved boys….hear them sing in joyous and wonderful Christmas Carols…hope you enjoy!… 🙂

    • Michele says:

      Awwww Evez, these are priceless! I heartfully wish you and yours a most wonderful and happy Christmas! Many moments of happiness, health and all things good and prosperous for the new year and more!

      And, as always more squee time with the 5 wonderboys of TVXQ and any other K-star (drama, pop or otherwise) who dare step into our fangirl arena for some hardcore loving!!!

      Wishing you the best!! Love and hugs!!!

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