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Awwwwwww, I love me a tender-hearted man, indeed I do. And what we have here is a group of five truly tender-hearted young men. This is such a moving performance with the group being moved to tears and still delivering a vocal feast. When Yoochun can’t sing through his tears and Junsu comes over to comfort him, I just melt. The only ones who seems to be able to hold back are Jaejoong and Changmin as even towards the end Yunho starts to break. I love this tender song – one they seem to be serenading their devoted Japanese fans with and do it with respect, tenderness, love, and a whole lot of emotion.

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I never tire of their trade-off pairings and when Jae and Changmin go at it together in the second verse…..chills!!! So lovely. Jae’s voice in this song is ethereal and tender. I still think Jae and Junsu put forth the most emotion when they sing. But this song is clearly touching each one of their hearts. As it touched mine.

So very sweet.

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  1. evez says:

    YAY!…i second to that Michelle..fine voices of this five gorgeous guys is simply magical!!!..and i like to see them wearing only jeans and a shirt!….the are all casually good looking!..and the braided hair of maknae Max is hawt!…surely they are 100% to be proud of!!! <3<3<3

    • Michele says:

      Hi Evez!! Yes!! Aren’t they just delicious all casual??!! And I do love Max with that long hair when it is pulled back like that. He does have gorgeous features. But it is Junsu that continues to make my heart pound. I don’t know what his special magic is over me!! When I was in Tokyo a couple weeks ago for Rain’s shows, I did visit K-town and TVXQ is ALL over the place. In fact, I went into one shop that may have been carrying items on other K-pop and K-stars but it clearly was TVXQ biased!! Junsu everywhere!! Even autographed posters and pictures (that we NOT for sale). In fact, each member had his own little area of the shop. There was also a lot to be found on Rain – even more than I saw when I was in Seoul. I had to curb myself in that I did not want to have to buy a second piece of luggage like I did in Seoul!! But, I did bring back some different items as it was nice to see things with recent pictures of Rain on them (post-MS).

      At least now I know. If I need to load up on TVXQ (and specifically Junsu) items, I know where I have to go!

      I hope you are doing well. Thank you (as always) for stopping by! <3

      • evez says:

        aww!..thanks for the reply Michele!..and i’m sorry for not visiting your site often for quite some time now…RL situation has to take me away from the net lately…though i try to peek from time to time on my email…i just couldn’t comment…;( aaahhh, there’s a lot of thing to tend to!…but i am happy to have you on GY’s squee fest last December 14 over kfangirl’s fb page…that was really fun!..though honestly, i couldn’t type much through mobile…

        i know that you have been super busy during the Rain concert, honestly, i haven’t read the post with regards to that concert….but i promise i will whenever i have time…. 😉

        …and it is understandable that K-town in Tokyo is biased over TVXQ…they are super famous there….and i’m happy to know that you witness all the goodies on our lovely boys and with Rain as well!…

        i’m doing fine and i’m hoping that you are in good shape as well after that super hectic days over Tokyo!…

        ..being absent from your page doesn’t mean of forgetting a nice and pleasing Michele!…<3<3<3…

        i'm here always…;)

      • Michele says:

        Hi Evez!!! Oh yes, the GY squee fest was a blast! That was my first RM experience and I roared through it! And my goodness but GY looked handsome, didn’t he??? I hope and trust all is well with you. I always appreciate when you stop by and drop a comment. I am trying to gear up for the upcoming Rain onslaught! His reality show begins tomorrow, he has the two concerts coming up in Singapore on New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day, his new CD comes out on 6 Jan and at some point he will be returning to the US to resume filming of the new Bruce Willis movie he has been cast in. I need to bulk up just to get through all of that!!!!

        Tokyo was hectic, but I had a blast – met so many new Rain fans and many who I knew through Twitter and Facebook. That part was WAY cool!!! I look forward to returning to Japan with a longer visit and to see more of Japan! Clearly this little side trip was all about Rain!

        Are you ready for the holidays? My gosh, I cannot believe it is the end of the year already! Time is moving so quickly that when I woke up this morning and sighed that it was only Wednesday, paused and thought actually it is nice that this week is going slowly – maybe time is slowing down for me a bit. ^.^

        Take care and as always, thank you for stopping by! <3 <3

  2. Hyuk Ahjussi devoted fan says:

    My boys!!! This was in Budokan. OMG, I am so extremely excited to find someone in my drama loop was posting about Tohoshinki. How I missed them as five and how much I longed for them to reunite. And it kinda sad that in a few days it will be their 10th anniversary, but they’ll celebrate it as 2 different entities.

    • Michele says:

      They just knock it out of the ball park, don’t they? I came to know about them after the split and every time I watch a performance I implore the planets to align so they are all back on the stage together at some point. I know I have said it a lot and I think it is mostly true that individually they all have beautiful voices but when those voices collide, it is pure magic. And each compliments the other. Is there really anything out there today that is as vocally tight as these 5 were together??

      I am so happy you stopped by!! If you can suggest other songs that I can feature, please do not hesitate to let me know. 🙂

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