TVXQ Tuesday – Why Did I Fall In Love With You?


Ok, you can just put a fork in me after this one because I am essentially done!!  I stumbled upon this a couple of weeks ago and went a little mental on Twitter with a couple of Twitter friends about how incredibly wonderful this live version of the song was and how equally gorgeous all five of these men were looking in the video.  It is so good for a few reasons.

First, the vocals.  I know I sound like a broken record here but these incredible young men never fail to bring their A-game vocally and at times I feel are better live than in the studio.  Usually it is the other way around – the magic of a soundboard is not necessary with these five.  They each have a built-in soundboard that naturally synchronizes, equalizes and balances all the settings to produce vocal harmony.  Yes, it’s pure unadulterated magic, I tell you.  This is one of my absolute favorites.

Second, I don’t know what song they finished just prior to this one but apparently it was something which required some heavy duty dancing because all five of them are glistening with sweat.  I am not going to go any further with that thought and just say, I like.  I like a lot!

Third, I really appreciate how Jaejoong just lets loose emotionally when he sings.  Reminds me a lot of Rain in that respect.  You can sense that he is feeling what he is singing.  I have noticed that about Jaejoong – there always seems to be a lot of emotion simmering beneath his performance.

Finally, Junsu.  Shall I go on?  His beautiful voice, his delivery, his gorgeous large hands (yes, I notice these things) and his smile.  His adorable smile. Daebak!!


[Image credit:  mingcho/Video credit:  HDBSK]


  1. evez says:

    😉 Max, Xia and Hero’s voices here explode!…nonetheless U-know and Micky’s voice played an important part to blend in and compensate the harmony of the song….TVXQ as one forever!..<3<3<3

    • Michele says:

      This one and Bolero, I tell ya…..just amazing. Oh for that moment in time when all are back on the stage together if only for one song… would be heavenly!! ❤️❤️

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