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[announcement] A very special New on the Block.


DAEBAK!! I am so excited to be joining the Cloud USA team and look forward to letting the world know how much I admire, respect , support, and am inspired by the amazing Rain!

Author: Michele

Travel junkie, amateur photographer, veganista, and purveyor of random acts of kindness.

10 thoughts on “[announcement] A very special New on the Block.

  1. Welcome to the family, M.! 🙂 You’re going to do just fine.

    Stephe ^@@^

    • When I think of the magnitude of things you and your team have done for Rain thus far, I am everything from amazed to pleased to wondering……what the heck am I going to be able to add???!!! But my Rain spazz factor is high so I am full of hope that it will translate well at Cloud USA!! ♥

  2. Big hugs and big congrats Michele.. This is DAEBAK indeed ❤❤❤ *throws confetti*

    • Thank you my dear… definitely have played a HUGE role in why I am here doing what I am doing!! ♥♥

  3. Eonnie, jjang!!!!

  4. …congrats! this is definitely a plus point to you…good luck… 🙂

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