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My Lovable Girl…This Likeable Man


I owe a lot to Rain. In fact, I owe him everything for where (and most likely who) I am today in my short, but turbulent career as a fangirl. He put South Korea on the map for me in more ways than one. He led me to MBLAQ’s G.O (and I am forever grateful – *bows* profusely to Rain). Contrary to probably the opinion (and belief) of many, I still have a very special place in my heart for Ji Hoon. And, I certainly have a deep and strong admiration for him as an actor, singer, and performer. Most importantly, however, I have a sound respect for him as a man. So when I heard he was returning to the small screen in way of a 16-episode drama entitled My Lovable Girl, my interest was piqued.

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[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: Getting Schooled – Elite Basic

Cloud USA

Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 2.50.57 PM

After four consecutive nights of Rain’s full on sexy and swag, I thought it best I return to my CF series a little less provocative and in-your-face in that I, myself, am still trying to recover. So what better way than the innocence of Jung Ji Hoon, the school boy?

Fresh on the heels of his debut and pairing up with co-JYPE mentee, Byul, he frolicked his way through a wintry playground for school uniform producer Elite Basic. Such a sweet precursor to Sang Doo, right?

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 3.28.53 PM

In these early CF’s, it is rather endearing to see Rain still getting his footing in front of the camera as well as settling into that long frame of his while dancing. In that I just had the honor of witnessing him dance inches in front of me at ZEPP Tokyo, I can tell you he has perfected…

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[announcement] A very special New on the Block.

DAEBAK!! I am so excited to be joining the Cloud USA team and look forward to letting the world know how much I admire, respect , support, and am inspired by the amazing Rain!

Cloud USA


We are pleased to announce that community member Michele DeMarco has accepted a Staff Writer position here on our Cloud USA media blog.

She started her own Korean-interest blog several months ago, and wholeheartedly admits to being a K-Drama addict. K-Pop? Absolutely, she digs it as well. 🙂

Being fairly new to the K-World, she’s having a great time seeing and hearing and absorbing new things, especially about the world star who has truly lit a fire under her—Rain. Not only did she fly in to support him at his Army discharge in Seoul, she also made some Cloud noise at the Arirang World Peace Festival in Washington D.C.

Please join us in welcoming her, and support her well as she eases into her new role.

Thanks, everyone. Congrats, Michele!

— Stephe ^@@^ and Terri :-}

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New Orleans or Burst….Cloud Burst, That Is

Bi NOLA Burst2

When Cloud USA announced that it was going to have its next meeting/fan gathering (aptly called a Cloud Burst) in New Orleans I thought to myself, hmmmmm, a group of Rain fans gathered together to celebrate Rain in a city known for its festive atmosphere pretty much every day of the year? That sounded like a complete win-win situation to me.  And, it was.

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