If I had my K-drama moment the other day at the Coex Mall and the Bongeunsa Temple, then I had a bit of a K-Pop situation today when I hunted down (in the rain) S.M. Entertainment, JYP and Cube.  Let me get this out of the way first, I did not see any K-pop stars in the flesh.  I saw some reasonable facsimiles thereof.

I am kind of new to K-pop and just recently learned who Min Ho from SHINee was thanks to missienelly over at My Myooz and I will agree with her that he is rather adorable!  In fact, he made an appearance in my post on Myeong dong.  Overall though, I probably would not recognize a single one of these guys if I passed them on the street.  Well, I would recognize Seungho from MBLAQ because I kind of have a fangirl thing for him. Otherwise, clueless.

Nevertheless, I know that some of you are big time K-poppers so I thought I would do a short entertainment agency tour.  The three I checked out today were all in the same vicinity of each other which made finding them less of hunt.  My first stop was S.M. Entertainment because it was the easiest to find!!  S.M.’s clientele includes TVXQ (these guys are really cute, by the way), Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, EXO, Henry and, yes….SHINee.  The building was undergoing some renovation but you could tell it belonged to S.M.  There seems to be some heavy promotion going on of EXO and Henry.  Just a hunch…


[Video credit: SMTOWN]


Yes, this was the side of the building facing the street.  I mean, you could not miss it!!  In case there are any EXO fans out there, I did take a picture of each of the members who graced the wall.







If I had to pick a fave, I would go with Sehun.

From S.M., I headed to JYP.  Any Rain fangirl knows that JYP is going to be a sentimental visit.  If not for JYP I have to wonder if there would have ever been a Rain.  I think so…but it may have taken him longer.  As a Rain fan, I have to be eternally grateful for JYP’s obvious eye for talent and I bow down to Rain for his unwavering perseverance!!  I kid you not…these were my directions to find JYP:  Same as S.M., except when you see the Citibank, turn right unless you are coming from SM, then turn left when you see Citibank.  Walk straight until you see the Baskin Robbins.  Turn left at Baskin Robbins.  When you see the Dunkin Donuts…BAM, across the street is JYP.  I swear, those were my directions!!  And, I have to say, they were spot on!! LOL!!!

JYP’s clientele includes  Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, Miss A and from his debut until 2007, Rain. ♥


Really can’t miss these buildings….right?

[Video credit: jypentertainment]

And how about some Rain from the JYP days…

[Video credit: terry820625]

 (All of the up and comers would be served well to study even these early Rain videos.  Every move is precise, perfect in fact.  The charisma is overwhelming and all this at what…20, 21 years old?  Rain will always be the consummate performer because he absolutely LOVES what he does and it shows in every second of this video!!)  <Sigh>

Back  to the tour….

I literally walked right by Cube to get to JYP and did not even realize it. All are in such close proximity to each other and this includes Rainy Ent, too. After I took my pics of JYP, I turned around, looked up and there was Cube.  Cube’s clientele includes Beast, 4 Minute, BTOB, G.NA and the hottest one of the bunch, Rain (no, I’m not biased at all….heheheh)!



I decided to stop in the Cube Cafe for something to drink and to just check it out.  The only people in there were young high school girls most probably hoping to catch a glimpse of their fave member of Beast and then there was me, the token noona just needing to sit down and get out of the rain!  The cafe was cute, playing Cube artists’ videos, serving up coffee drinks and juices, and selling little mementos, dvds and other goodies fangirls squee over (all of the Beast pillows were sold out).


[Video credit:  beastofficial]


A little ‘walk of fame’:


The ‘Beast was here’ case:


I started to wonder when Rain would adorn the walls here and have a glass case of autographed items displayed.  All in good time.  All in good time.

I did not leave without making a purchase.  My penchant for writing letters has me always searching for ways to spruce up my stationary.  I thought these stickers were adorable and I am sure I will have fun with them!


Yes, the fangirl in me is alive and well!


  1. mustbenuts99 says:


    Thank you for sharing your tour of SM, JYP, and Cube. Too bad you didn’t have a Rain sighting. Oh well, …maybe next time. The stickers you got are really cute.


    • Michele says:

      Honestly, as quick and wild as it was on July 10, I am still happy I saw what little of him I was able to. Seeing him walk through that gate was thrilling – mostly because he had concluded his MS and was ready to begin his second chapter! We will all see him again soon! <3

  2. missienelly says:

    Squeeee and swooooon!!! I’m a total SM Entertainment girl! I love SHINee, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and TVXQ. They are they best entertainers so far… Of course, because of my craziness, my 2 yr old kid is also obsessed with SHINee and SuJu. We hear ’em daily! Daily! You and I need to talk more about everything Kpop! I love, love, love Kpop! Can you tell I’m a bit obsessed with them? ;P

    • Michele says:

      Well, I need a good K-Pop mentor!!! I was hip to TVXQ. They caught my eye and I thought their MVs were extremely polished and well-produced. Plus, tall and gorgeous…HELLO!! And then I knew of MBLAQ because of Rain. I almost bought a SuJu CD but grabbed a Big Bang instead. I have heard SuJu but not sure I have heard anything of SHINee. I am K-Pop challenged to be sure! :))

      • missienelly says:

        The old or new TVXQ? The two boys are gorgeous. They were in LA early this month for a steamy concert lol. SHINee is younger but their songs are very energetic. SuJu are approaching 30s so you’ll see some members are already in military service.

        Big Bang is awesome. Too bad there will be no new album because GD, the leader, is coming out a new single album soon. Yeah, and there’s MBLAQ, BE2ST, Infinite, U-Kiss, EXO-K and EXO-M, JYJ, ok you get the idea. Lol. I’m not a big girl group fan but I do like some of their songs. ^^

  3. Cloud USA says:

    Big Bang, TVXQ, B2ST… yes, yes, yes.^^

    You are so right about the young bucks taking notes from Jung JiHoon. As was just recently said, Rain can still out-dance, out-sing, and out-woo the younger studs. Heh. 🙂
    — Stephe ^@@^

    • Michele says:

      Absolutely, no question. He is THE MAN!! A force to be reckoned with. They should all want to collab and work with him! In my opinion, no one (NO ONE) can touch him…vocally or otherwise. I know he works hard at his gift, but it is because he works so hard that he will always remain the best. And I hope he knows this and knows that WE know this! 🙂 💞

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