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Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 95

I honestly did not realize how much of a K-pop bubble I have been living in until I came across this Hunnie Cam offering which is a focused fan cam of Donghun taken during an A.C.E fan sign back in November 2019. The sheltered K-pop bubble thought became abundantly clear when I realized that I only recognized/knew three of the eight songs of the dance medley A.C.E performed at the fan sign. Yes folks, I have never heard a BTS song . . . and there are three featured in the dance medley. What can I say other than I am probably the only K-pop fan in modern history that has not been wooed, wowed or caught up in the BTS maelstrom. I have always preferred to walk to the beat of my own drum, but this is probably unprecedented!

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If I had my K-drama moment the other day at the Coex Mall and the Bongeunsa Temple, then I had a bit of a K-Pop situation today when I hunted down (in the rain) S.M. Entertainment, JYP and Cube.  Let me get this out of the way first, I did not see any K-pop stars in the flesh.  I saw some reasonable facsimiles thereof.

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