Playlist Roulette ~ For [June]

Did you know that PLT soloist and collaborator, June, was once signed to Big Hit Entertainment and trained with BTS? True story. In fact, he is credited with writing and producing their songs Lost, Awake, and Not Today. Additionally, he has written and produced music for other groups/artists, including Suran and IU. If you are not familiar READ MORE

[New Series] Playlist Roulette

I confess that I have far too many playlists occupying my iTunes/Apple Music account, the most robust of which I have entitled Strictly Korean. At 2413 songs (139 hours of listening time), and growing, it would be impossible for me to listen to every song on that playlist over the course of probably several lifetimes. But READ MORE

On My Playlist ~ Sam Kim

Have you experienced the vocal stylings of Sam Kim yet? If not, please get on board because you will not be disappointed. This young Korean-American singer-songwriter-composer-guitarist has some serious talent wrapped in his very young yet amazingly mature 21 years (or 22, if you are playing by Korean age rules). Sam barreled into my lane READ MORE