Waiting For Donghun ~ Donghun is Discharged! (Day 638)

Well friends, at long last Donghun’s discharge day is upon us! Woo-hoo!! And then there were two left to serve because…plot twist!! Junhee was sprung back on June 12!! Yes, our dear leader had some vacation time reserved and was able to discharge early!! So, triple celebration for the month of June as Wow, Junhee and now Donghun are returned to Choice!

I know DH has been working on music during his military hiatus but I wonder if we will get an actual single release of some kind. He, Wow and Junhee can team up and drop a hyungline track for Choice while we wait for the full five reunion, right?! Right?????

Until we know what’s what, let’s simply welcome back our charming main vocal, DH!!💥



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