Waiting For Donghun ~ Celebrating 600 Days! (Day 600)

Well, it’s official, and I am taking this auspicious 600th day of Donghun’s service to make an announcement: Donghun has become a father!!! Not in the conventional sense, of course, but a dad nonetheless. Back on February 21st, DH took to A.C.E’s official Daum Cafe and left a sweet message about his new parental status, introducing us to his sweet little poodle pup, Valen.

Welcome to the A.C.E family little one! I hope we see more of you in the coming days, especially in celebration of your appa’s discharge which is just 38 days away. Congratulations Donghun! And to little Valen, I hope you are ready to meet all of your Choice aunties from across the globe!


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