Waiting For Donghun ~ Happy Lunar New Year! (Day 132)

Welcome to the Year of the Water Tiger and Donghun’s 132nd day of service!! I say this with much excitement and pride as I was born in the year of the Water Tiger. I take my Lunar sign very seriously for being born in the year of the Tiger feels rather auspicious, doesn’t it? The tiger is such a symbolic, majestic and powerful animal. I think those born under any one of the other eleven signs may feel similarly for each animal in the myth of lunar astrology fought for its revered place. What then can we expect in the Year of the Water Tiger, especially for our beloved Rooster above?

In the information I have come across, it appears the year of the Water Tiger in and of itself promises to be a year of metamorphosis. Hmmm….change it seems. And, to get the most out of this year, it is recommended to be modest and diplomatic. For our resident Rooster, 2022 shows promise of being lively, stimulating and profitable. Roosters, you will achieve your ambitions if you simply go with the flow, and take in stride any obstacle or opposition along the way. I wonder if having the strength and fortitude of the mighty Tiger ruling the year can reinforce and help maintain that stride. Let’s see how the year unfolds, shall we?

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! May the mighty Tiger protect and guide you through all the changes, challenges and joys of the coming year.


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