Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 93

Today we are going to travel back to that in between time from Superstar K5 and Donghun’s debut with A.C.E. After his stint as a contestant on Superstar K5, Donghun signed with CJ E&M and became a trainee. That is where he met Jun and Wow. It is also where he met fellow trainee, Kim Minjae. Before he was an actor, Minjae was pretty much in idol training along with Donghun, Jun and Wow. That meant singing, rapping and dancing. Even before Donghun hit the busking circuit with his A.C.E brothers, he hit the streets in dance crew mode with his fellow trainees and there is video proof to back that up.

I really wonder what A.C.E would have been like had Minjae left CJ E&M and went with Donghun, Jun and Wow to Beat Interactive? I am firm believer in all things for a reason so Minjae taking the acting route in lieu of the idol route was his destiny to be sure. Still, I cannot help but wonder. There was some definite chemistry flowing between them in those early trainee days.

On the streets of Seoul, back in April 2015, here are Donghun, Wow, Jun, Kim Minjae along with two other trainees (not sure who they are) getting their dance on:

It does not surprise me that Jun and Wow get some feature solo time as they definitely shored up to  be two of the most strongest dancers in K-pop today. Back then in 2015 Donghun was not as seasoned or skilled a dancer (YET) as his fellow trainees, but my goodness they all looked like they were having a blast and not only because they were out on the street performing, but doing so with each other.

To this day, Donghun, Wow and Jun consider Kim Minjae their closest actor friend. Perhaps someday we will get to see them actually star along side each other in a drama — well, at least maybe Jun. But I am not going to give up hope that Mr. Lee will some day try his hand at acting. It would be gloriously serendipitous if he decided to give it a go and landed a debut role opposite Minjae. Dare to dream!


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