Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 64

When I sat down to write this post I was feeling a bit broody and introspective. And the background music whirling in my head was playing an old song from the late 1940’s, a classic tune that became a huge hit and synonymous with balladeer, Nat King Cole. The song is called Nature Boy and you may or may not be familiar, but it made me want to try and find a selca Donghun took while in nature or with some kind of nature back drop. Most of the pictures I found were taken of him and not necessarily by him. But I found something that will work.

Because I am all caught up in Nature Boy today, I going the extra mile of turning the selca into a simple video set to the song. There have been so many covers of the song by so many artists and I am choosing Pomplamoose’s rendition because I really like singer Nataly Dawn’s voice.


A little shy and sad of eye
but very wise was he . . .

Such a beautiful and gentle song which suits the beautiful and gentle selca Donghun captured amid the trees on what looks like a warm summer night. A little caught in the feels today missing Mr. Lee.🥺




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