Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 37

Back on Day 26, we had a little taste of Donghun in the ASMR seat whispering the meaningful lyrics of A.C.E’s single, Callin’. This time he’s back with something more playful – Jelly ASMR. I am still trying to wrap my head around the whole ASMR phenomenon, to be honest. But, if Donghun wants to guide us through sampling various jellies, their taste, and more importantly, their sound, I’m all ears. Frankly, I found this ASMR quite entertaining, especially Donghun’s critique on the various jellies. Oh and when is a whispering Donghun not a good thing?

So, this was not some willy-nilly random ASMR project. Donghun actually did some research to find out about the various jellies and their ASMR compatibility. Especially the Nik-L-Nip wax bottle jellies. His reaction is priceless over the absolute banality of this candy even being in existence…lol. A little Donghun savagery is good for the soul. Trust me on this.

Overall he enjoys his jelly encounters and, even gets a little academic. I enjoyed the entire 15 minute segment so much that I am not going to edit it and present it in its entirety. I mean, I must allow all jellies their moment and Donghun’s reactions thereto.

Does anyone else find it absolutely charming and adorable that his favorites are the kiss jellies? I must wonder aloud if the kiss jellies would become a mainstay in any Valentine’s Day/White Day gift ensemble from Donghun? Lord knows the wax bottles would be a hard pass. Hehehe….he’s the cutest!

Kiss kiss, his favorites!








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