Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 34

Color me so amused when the A.C.E babes don their school uniforms and then to proceed to dance to the likes of Savage or some other tantalizing song with aggressive and (at times) suggestive choreography. The duality of it all! For today’s Busking Files offering, we travel back in time to January 2020, the boys fresh off of their incredible Under Cover tour and back out on the streets of Hongdae doing what they do best.

Serving up complimentary swag, charisma, moves and smiles, don’t let these school boys fool you. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing here . . . or, more like savages in school uniforms.

Savage is going to go down as one of A.C.E’s most iconic songs, remembered for years to come. It, along with Under Cover, were my introductions to this fabulous quintet. And, they could perform it wearing potato sacks and it still would be explosive.

When I officially joined the Choice nation that snowy night back in December 2019, I had a feeling it would turn into a lasting relationship, one that will last for years to come. Even though I wish I would have stanned from the beginning, I am honored to be a Choice and look forward to Day 70 of this countdown when I can celebrate my Choiceversary!!


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