Waiting For Donghun ~ Day 33

Legend has it that a true test of vocal acuity in the K-pop ranks can be best tested by the singer’s ability to sing So Chan Whee’s Tears, in its original key. Apparently, this is no small feat. Tears was released in 2000 and was (and continues to be) Chan Whee’s most remembered song. Back in July 2018, four of the A.C.E lads guested on Idol League and host, Boom challenged Donghun to sing Tears . . . but not before the other three decided to give it a try. Oh, the chaos!

Honestly, I find A.C.E highly entertaining. Inasmuch as the music and dance parts are always on point, they are always engaging in everything they do in addition to, and beyond just music and dance. And . . . they make me laugh. Let me tell you, we ALL need to laugh during these crazy days of COVID.

Okay so . . . Boom challenges Donghun, but the other goofballs have to try first:


I LOL-ed my way through Junhee and Wow and honestly thought Byeongkwan was going to pull through. But listen, there was no way Donghun would fail this test. Very, very impressive.




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