[News] Winner’s Lee Seunghoon Begins Military Service

I am a little late in posting news of Winner’s Lee Seunghoon’s enlistment on April 16, 2020 but part of me is still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that 50% of my beloved Winner is now enlisted. Fans knew it was inevitable but as with Jinu, news of Hoony also going still came as a shock.

Yes, we all know that our ’91 and ’92 line idols are at the age where mandatory military service will be unavoidable. How come it is still hard to say good-bye? Even if it’s temporary?! In Winner’s case, the group let fans know that, as a group, they would be going on hiatus with Jinu and Seunghoon leaving; however, there was also talk of everything coming back full steam in 2025. 2025?! Sigh . . . is this simply a forewarning that Winner’s maknae line (Mino and Seungyoon) would most likely see their service commencing soon as well?


Anyway, Seunghoon is no doubt settled comfortably into basic training at Nonsan (I am more than a week overdue with this post). You can send him ‘snail mail’ at the following address:

충남 논산시 연무음 사서함 76-7 호
육군훈련소 23교육연대 2중대 1소대 57번
우편번호 33012
훈련병 이승훈
South Korea

Do it quickly as Hoony’s completion ceremony will take place on May 14, 2020! After that, he will move on to a public service assignment.




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