The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 728

More nostalgia today because G.O’s variety show bank is filled with hours and pictures of memories. And you know how much I enjoy traveling back to them and sharing them here. It is a Wednesday, Day 728 of this countdown and there are three days remaining in G.O’s service. It is also the day of love, Valentine’s Day. However, I love on G.O every day so every day is like Valentine’s Day to me.^^ Anyway, my rule book for this V Day is calling for some cute and adorable G.O to help perk up the mid-week and maybe even make you all hearts-in-eyes swoony. Let’s go back to a November 2010 recording of SBS’s long-running and very popular variety show, Star King.

G.O in overalls eating a banana? I am not sure it can get more adorable than this. But, I am willing to let him try when he returns.^^ In the meantime, just enjoy a slice of G.O nostalgia.

Ahhhh….I got a toothache watching that. So much sweet! Three more days and G.O will begin making new memories thus creating more nostalgic moments. I don’t know about you, but I hope they are endless.


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