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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 728

More nostalgia today because G.O’s variety show bank is filled with hours and pictures of memories. And you know how much I enjoy traveling back to them and sharing them here. It is a Wednesday, Day 728 of this countdown and there are three days remaining in G.O’s service. It is also the day of love, Valentine’s Day. However, I love on G.O every day so every day is like Valentine’s Day to me.^^ Anyway, my rule book for this V Day is calling for some cute and adorable G.O to help perk up the mid-week and maybe even make you all hearts-in-eyes swoony. Let’s go back to a November 2010 recording of SBS’s long-running and very popular variety show, Star King.

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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 727

We often put our favorite artists and idols on pedestals far above others and at times, even above ourselves. I know I am guilty of it where G.O is concerned and when I find myself doing it, I pause and remind myself that he is an ordinary man whose life has had some extraordinary moments. At the end of the day however, G.O is human just like you and I. It is very endearing to me when he reminds us of that by way of updating his SNS in the wee hours of the morning with a picture or pictures of the past. It is endearing because he really is not so high on that pedestal to have forgotten his journey and at times seems rather nostalgic over it. Maybe that is what happened on 9 February when he updated his Instagram account with the above. The bulk of this countdown series has been an exercise in nostalgia even when my own history with this amazing artist of man is only in its fourth year. There are four days remaining in his service and in keeping with the trend, I have decided that I will see this series end with equal nostalgia.


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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 582

On the evening of 20 September, G.O took to his Instagram account unexpectedly updating mid-week by pulling this amazing shot out of the archives and playfully captioning it:

종로 귀금속집 사장아들같네
[Like the son of a Jong-ro jewelry shop owner]

Ok, so to give this some context, what G.O is basically saying here is that he is looking all big and bold, Jong-ro style. However, he is being extremely humorous about it. Jong-ro is an area in Seoul where you might not see many hipsters for example, but will see many people of a more advanced age. Like in senior citizen age. <hahahaha> G.O is alluding to the fact that he is not being trendy or cute but rather is rocking it old school style. He’s so adorably silly!

G.O’s humor . . . I love it ad infinitum.

[Image cr. jung_g_o; translation by Jieh]