The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 718

For the final round of G.O’s Airport Style, I will rewind and go back to the beginning. Well, not completely back, but back far enough to almost be the beginning! Back to December 2009 when the freshly debuted MBLAQ returned from spending time with mentor Rain’s Japanese Clouds. G.O set the halls of Gimpo ablaze decked in black and denim, his hoodie style in place and on point.

It is no secret that I appreciate G.O’s hoodie style. I wish there was a better word in the English language to describe how cool he always looks when he hoodies up. There are some words that I suppose match well in the traditional slang meaning of the word cool ~~> divine, fabulous, glorious, marvelous, sensational, groovy, and even hot which seems rather opposite in theory to the word cool but somehow works perfectly, especially when describing G.O.^^

Yes, his cool was looking exceptionally hot at Gimpo back on 7 December 2009. The black hoodie layered with the black leather jacket over deep dark denim all balanced nicely with black lace-up boots.

Oh, and let’s not forget the goatee which is always the perfect frame for his gorgeously shaped lips. You know what I really love about these early captures? I love the fact that early captures like these (yes, going on nine years now) could have easily been taken yesterday. I mean, do you remember his Instagram update from 4 January 2016 . . .

I see no difference and I think G.O has found some kind of magical fountain of youth. Really, he should bottle and sell it because I could use me some of that special magic.^^


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