The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 565

It is now a new month which means there is a high potential for updates (let’s face it, G.O has spoiled us to the point of expectation). Well, he did not disappoint, nor did he waste any time in getting things started for the month of September. On Saturday, 2 September, instead of giving us all mini heart attacks with a sweet and sultry selca, G.O opted to share photos from his own portfolio as a 사진작가 꿈나무, or ‘promising photographer.’

I have to say, G.O is pretty good with a camera. And whether he took these with his phone or by other means, he has a pretty good eye for composition and balance. Check it out.

First offering:

Wow!! This has to be a view from an airplane. The height and scope seem to indicate such, right? I believe I see a hint of the moon behind the hazy clouds; however, I think the sparkling city below would outshine any moonlit night sky.

Second offering:

Ahhhh . . . G.O’s love of the sky and clouds is truly romantic.

Third offering:

Okay, I admit that when I first saw this picture of jellyfish it looked quite similar to the one I took back in 2013 at the Coex Aquarium. You can find mine here. I appreciate that G.O sees art in these mysterious creatures. So cool!

Fourth offering:

Oh my . . . I think this is my favorite of the five he shared because I, too love the sky. This photo almost looks like a painting with the brushstroke of clouds feathering out from the beautiful sunset. This is a perfect capture as the sun had not yet fallen behind the mountains. Perfectly timed! The composition of this photograph is filled with absolute peace and serenity. I really think G.O should opt to have this one framed. It is lovely.

G.O ended his art show update with this fifth and final offering:

What do you think, is this dusk or dawn? Either way it is another wonderful capture of the sky. The color gradient from the warm gold at the horizon to deep turquoise blue into the sky is offset nicely by the subtle blue glow of what I believe is Namsan Seoul Tower. Lovely.

As much as I love to see selca updates from G.O, I appreciate that he decided to share pictures from his collection, pictures he shot himself. You may think I am being silly or facetious when I call G.O somewhat of a renaissance man. In simple terms, a renaissance man is one who has a wide variety of interests and is an expert in several areas. Okay, so perhaps G.O is not yet a full-fledge expert photographer, but I think he proves that he is rather adept in most all of the artist endeavors he pursues. He definitely has music covered.

[Image cr. jung_g_o]

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