The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 559

It is Day 559 and for no particular reason, a nice day to share some fan art. I really like Fan-ART-astic days and am happy I added this little sub-category to the countdown because there is some truly fantastic fan art out there that should shared and supported. Today, a piece from Czech artist Staresinka.

Mmmmm….dreamy, isn’t it? In her notes, Staresinka says that she was not pleased with how G.O’s face turned out in her drawing but I think she captured his likeness wonderfully, from the sleepy, sexy gaze in his eyes to his perfectly shaped lips. She did say however, that she was quite pleased with her rendition of his beautiful hand. No argument there. It is a true testament to the artist when the art is as mesmerizing as man.


[Image cr. Staresinka]

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